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Welcome to Isuzu Tech Talk. This site was begun to give suggestions for questions you might have about our Isuzu vehicle. It is a general forum site and is a work in progress. We will be updating this site quite a bit until we find what looks and works best for everyone. I will be adding a picture page in the near future and will be asking for your pictures to post. Your suggestions are welcome.

Please direct any suggestions or broken links to webmaster


My name is Chad Fulginiti an  ASE certified automobile technician with over 15 years experience, 10 of which solely on Isuzu automobiles. The suggestions I give will be  concise and to the best of my experience and knowledge. If I  am unsure about a question I will do my best  to help you find the answer some other way.



My suggestions and/or recommendations are advisory in nature and are based solely on the information that you have provided. My suggestions and/or recommendations are not based on my personal observation and/or examination, therefore, prior to implementing my suggestions and/or recommendations you should consult your local automotive professional who has the opportunity to observe and/or examine  the problem with your vehicle.


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Automotive links